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When I was young, the country, the summer night was always so quiet and peaceful. Every time I think of it, it is like a piece of green silk in my memory. It is smooth, cool and safe, which makes me fall in love. A pleasant summer night begins with an evening dinner Newport Cigarettes. Grandma and the neighbor's family played a well, the benefits of well water is warm in winter and cool in summer. At dusk, Grandma used a nylon mesh pocket to load one or two bottles of beer and a watermelon, and threw it in a tin bucket filled with a bucket of water, and let it hang for an hour or two. When the beer is taken out, the bottle is full of fine and dense water droplets. The hand is rubbed and the fine and dense, I know that this beer is prepared by Grandma for the grandfather of the farm, and I am often greedy. When the beer opened and poured into the cup, the spouting foam, a small sip, the white flower bubble made me feel like walking the clouds. I suspect that a tired day of grandpa drinking a cool beer, eating a grandmother's hand-made side dishes, should be his happiest expectation every day. The first thing that came back from the grandfather who had finished the farm work was to take the hose that had received the tap water and rushed inside and out of the yard. The cold yard and the outside of the courtyard felt particularly cool, and there was no heat in the afternoon. At dinner, it happened to be a good time for mosquitoes to sing and dance. They were all very crazy. My brother and I sprayed a lot of toilet water and anti-mosquito liquid on our body. Grandma saw us keep squeaking and painful legs, and we found trousers to wear. My brother and I would pull the bucket full of well water into the yard and put the arm into the bucket. Through the elbows, I enjoy every drop of coolness and refreshment in the pores. Grandma saw me doing this, always fierce me, saying that children can not play well water, and later joint pain Marlboro Gold. After dinner, I can't wait to eat watermelon. I picked a red and transparent watermelon and stuffed it into my mouth. It was like pulling cold and cold. It felt like eating the popsicle for the first time in summer. My mouth is eating and screaming, my grandmother squinting at my eating, feeling like she is eating herself. From time to time, I use my towel to wipe my mouth and my brother, and my love is in my eyes. The most comfortable and lively is that after dinner, the people on the village began to gather, cool, and chat. They were holding their scallops and holding their scallops. They walked all the way, shaking their arms and swaying their arms and legs as they spoke. Because grandparents have a very good relationship and rely on the roadside, most of them love to wander around in front of our house. I want to come here is also the most leisurely moment for rural people. Grandma washed the pot and said hello to them to talk to the small courtyard, and let me move out of all the small benches and small chairs in the house. They chatted with me while they were at home, watching me move one by one, and squatting from time to time. I, occasionally, I will move very hard, and occasionally I will have a little temper. They chatted and talked about who the daughter of the family had found a good husband's family, or what kind of object they were looking for. After a while, they clamored for a couple of bickering, and most of them talked about Zhao Laotai's family on Zhuangzi. It is said that Mrs. Zhao is very pitiful and often quarrels with her daughter-in-law. More than 80 people often sit at the door of the house and cry, crying to everyone passing by, telling her son that she is murdering her, her daughter-in-law Parliament Cigarettes, and often not giving her food. Grandma��s arguments are different. Some people sigh, saying that people are old, can��t move, and are worthless. Some grandmothers said that they also blame Zhao Laotai himself, often suspicious, saying that her daughter-in-law gave her a tasteful meal, gave her a boiled water, and did not clean her clothes. ������And my grandmother said that it may be old, I want my children to care more about taking care of her, looking for a sense of existence, I also saw her family and children are not so terrible, ignorant, I think maybe my grandma It is right. Zhao Laotai may be like our children, love to stick people and seek attention. I read the songs of my grandmother over and over again: "The shuttle star, the flat worry, the seven stars on the flat head..." went deeper, I unknowingly chatted with my grandmother's fan and their parents. Sweet and sweet in the dream. The childhood and customs of the people, as close as clear as yesterday, and as if far away like the last life. I know that those summer nights can't come back like childhood. I once felt that I would never pass, so I passed lightly to my fingertips, leaving me with a long time of sorrow and distress. "Bus star, flat worry, seven stars on the head of the head...����������" Grandma taught me the virginity echoing in my ear, and the atrium suddenly filled with pain. Grandma, I miss you, just like the quiet, peaceful summer night. --postscript
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